Eating in Birmingham

So, this blog/hobby/project of mine has been going for a few months now and I have not yet mentioned anywhere to eat out in Birmingham as of yet, which is quite strange given that the name of this blog is Brummie Tummy, so you would expect me to at least have mentioned somewhere by now. In fact, the only place thus far I have mentioned of anywhere to eat out in Birmingham was here in my post about Popstrami – And even that was only a one day pop up NYC deli.

In truth, I was going to wait until I had visited my very favourite restaurant in Birmingham again before writing about them first, especially as I wanted to start it all off with a bang (It’s a Chinese thing, wanting to start things off on a high note). However, Fate is so far conspiring against me and I may not be able to go as soon as I hoped and well, I didn’t want to hold back on a whole new category of posts purely because I hadn’t gone back yet. Plus there is the fact that there are plenty of places I eat out at in Birmingham which all deserve to be written about – The good, mediocre and bad.

So, there will be more posts about places to eat in Birmingham coming your way soon – I hope you stay for the read 🙂

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