What are YOU up to this weekend?

If you’re not up to anything, then you should be going to the UK’s first Chilli Stand Off. The brainchild of Tweat_up who last organised the very successful party when Pitt Cue Co. closed, the 7 competitors (varying from Henry Dimbleby from Leon restaurants to Chef Jocky (who currently works at a little place called The Fat Duck in Bray), are all cooking their chillies to be judged not only by those attending, but also by a panel of judges. Despite no success in trying to get Anthony Bourdain to be one of the judges, they have so far secured the services of Richard Johnson (new champion of the British street food scene) and Daniel Young (former restaurant critic and organiser of Burger Mondays and other nights at his website).

For £25, the ticket entitles you to try each of the chillies – Which you can vote for your favourite by tasting blind plus 3 free drinks. The bar is being run by bartenders from Milk & Honey and Danger of Death, not to mention how there will be (free) rum featuring the new rum from Bacardi (Bacardi Oakheart). After that, drinks should be at a low-low price anyway.

But that’s not all; There is also support from some of the best street food vendors currently doing the rounds, including The Rib Man, Yum Bun and Luardos.

All this for £25? Why haven’t you booked a ticket yet? You can do so here and find out more details about the event here. Sadly, I can’t get the time off work but if you can, and can get a ticket, then you absolutely should go.

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