Quick update…

Helloes. Remember me? I know, I’ve been slacking off on the ol’ blog posting duties but if I’m to be completely honest, having to watch my pennies whilst unemployed meant that I didn’t really eat out as much and even the food I cooked at home was generally a large batch of something which I could heat up on subsequent days. That’s probably got more to do with the fact that it’s especially hard cooking for one person when you’ve spent pretty much your entire life cooking for larger numbers. But still..

Then there is the fact that when I finally got employed, initially the commute was so much that I was generally too tired when I got home (another reason why I ended up cooking large batches of food to reheat) and my current, permanent job is so hectic that I’ve barely had a chance to settle down. However, I’ve had a few adventures (in the culinary sense) as a result of the new job – I’ve learned that there are very limited decent options when it comes to eating out in Slough and if you do want something half decent – Go to Windsor or there’s an OK Italian place in Farnham Royal. Seriously, 2 weeks in Slough and when I got to Windsor, I’d never been so happy to see the word “bistro” Oh, the new job has also meant a revival in my baking enthusiasm – It’s nice to be able to bake for a different bunch of people whom you know will appreciate what you’ve baked and the effort you’ve put into it.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

That’s not to say that I haven’t been to some (really) good places – I’ve had a return visit to le Champignon Sauvage and discovered that Bugis St Brasserie in the Copthorne Hotel in Birmingham is even better than before. Well, I’ll try to write up about them, but no promises..

P8165978 Untitled

And then, there’s the ol’ garden. I wrote last year how I was determined to keep my Mother’s legacy of growing veg in the garden going and whilst I did plant a load of veg, the temp job meant that I never got round to tending the garden as much as I would have liked. That said, I’ve gotten a decent bounty of veg – dwarf and fine beans, some chard, some really exquisite tomatoes which I’m still reaping the rewards from now, some Chinese Chives which I literally planted outside yesterday because they’re robust enough to survive harsh winters and some very nice chillies which YKL got me as a present to grow from scratch (which I’m very proud to say are actually flowering and forming into actual chillies!).

DSC_0595 DSC_0598 DSC_0611 DSC_0609

I’ve got another big weekend planned in, yes, Copenhagen coming up and I wanted to put something out there between my Copenhagen posts. So, now that we’re into the throes of Autumn, I just want to reflect on my very hectic summer and hope that now I am back in full-time, permanent employment, I get to do more fun things again!

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