Good Times

Good times – With my awesome family, all brought together through our love and caring for each other, but most of all, a shared and common love (greed) for food. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be particularly gourmet or fine dining, but we all came together and ate food that was evocative of childhood memories and of our late parents, but was also prepared with the deepest love. I know, it sounds corny and a bit mushy.. But I know that whenever I get together with my family for a gathering, a great time will be had with all – The kind of good times where you cry with laughter at something which ordinarily isn’t funny at all, when you laugh so hard that you genuinely begin to feel light-headed and think you may pass out. Or best of all, when you manage to perfect laughing so much that your mouth is wide open but you make no sound (Trust me, it takes practice).

I’ll be honest, I’m currently feeling a bit sad and melancholy because it’s going to be a few weeks (months) before some of us get together again. But for now, I have many photos to remember the Good Times (of Summer 2014)

Untitled  DSC_2630 DSC_2968 Outside the house DSC_2865

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