M and W

Once upon a time, across the other side of the world. 2 teenage sisters – M and W – came from a poor family and it was decided that they should leave their beloved Mother and younger brother and sisters behind and go to the other side of the world to a place full of promise and a chance to better themselves in a land called the United Kingdom. Some say it was because their parents wanted a better life for them than could be offered if they stayed, some say it was because their Uncle wanted some help in a local business he was running.. Whatever the reason, it can’t have been easy for them.

Fast forward 50 years and both M and W have made a great success in their lives – Both have loving, successful children and are enjoying their retirement. Whatever the reason was that led to the decision to send M and W over to the UK, they were the first of my family to come over and I sometimes wonder how different my life would be if they didn’t come to the UK. We all got together recently and although our parents are no longer with us, I know they would have been so proud and thrilled at all of us getting together and celebrating in the best way – With good food, laughter and much love with your family.


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